Thermography services

termografia impianti industriali

Industrial installations Thermographic

Without machine downtime, during the operating phase, we check the system components subject to wear and tear, analyzing the surface limit temperatures, industrial thermography controls can be combined with vibration control and ultrasonic diagnosis in the air. We operate on the Italian and foreign terriotory, on offshore and onshore structures.  We collaborate with important industrial companies to offer expertise and a wide range of non-destructive testing. Superior image quality without pre-determined image quality.

termografia fotovoltaico

Thermographic monitoring on photovoltaic systems

Hot-spot of photovoltaic cells, technical due diligence, control of electrical panels and system components, specializing in due diligence on large photovoltaic plants, realizesimo, Reamodena thermography is specialized in periodic inspections with reporting of growth on all industrial and civil electrical systems, we perform aerial inspections by means of APR certified ENAC on both industrial plants and large electrical and photovoltaic systems.
We operate throughout the country.

termografia edilizia e patologie delle costruzioni

Building Thermography

Bulding maintenance, not only building thermography, but consultancy and assistance for the resolution of building pathologies, such as mould condensation, water leaks, infiltration, energy requalification of residential and industrial buildings, airtightness of the windows and verification of laying with the Blower Door Test, the thermography service is present on Modena and all over the Italian terriotory.

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360° Spherical Photographs

A georeferenced spherical photo service for the mapping of interiors and exteriors, it allows the 360° virtual exploration of industrial environments, it is possible to take an entire environment with a single photograph, it saves considerable time in technical inspections for the maintenance of complex systems, damaged buildings, cultural heritage. It is also possible to use this technology for the tourist promotion of commercial activities and accommodation facilities.

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