Passion and creativity

R. E. A srl is a company with consolidated experience in the technological panorama of Modena.

Since 1969, we have never stopped on the market, changed, grown up, we have always undertaken new initiatives and new challenges in new technological fields.

Since 2005 we have been in the new headquarters in Via Nicolò Biondo 192 Modena, where we have expanded the areas of intervention alongside the historical activities.

New objectives: High technology

The market is still evolving rapidly today, new technologies and new regulations on energy saving and ecological issues require the rationalisation of economic resources, with the aim of achieving ever higher levels of quality. To cope with these new realities, R. E. E. A. has trained its staff with specific courses in environmental subjects such as recovery and disposal of refrigerant gases, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in order to give advice and support to those who request it.

Our specialization: Infrared thermography and non-destructive testing

We have been operating successfully in the field of infrared thermography since 2007, and the commitment we have had in contact with many companies that have enabled us to rapidly develop our skills and activities.

R. E. E. A. has technicians certified at RINA with first level qualification according to ASNT standards obtained with the Infrared traning center of Flir and third level according to UNI EN ISO 9712 Bureau Veritas.

We are also accredited as cold technicians at ATF and as experts at CasaClima at the homonymous agency in Bolzano.

Thanks to the collaboration with important technology companies and engineering firms with which we have strong collaboration links, we provide our resources and our know-how to multinationals, industries, professionals and private individuals or who request a valid technological support of infrared investigation in order to optimize every intervention in qualitative and economic terms.

Our equipment

To meet the needs of the most demanding customers who require more and more specialized testing in different fields, we have implemented our equipment to offer a complete and reliable service by providing thermographic reports using high-resolution FLIR 640X480 instruments for uncompromising quality.

They talk about us

Prontopro, termografia casa, dispersioni termiche, reamodena, cappotto termico, muffa, noi la vediamo così,

We have given an interview to the online platform Prontopro. it, Prontopro brings together professionals and craftsmen, putting them directly in contact with individuals and companies for the demand of various services.

Finding in the Prontopro website an excellent resource for everyone, we collaborate with them to spread and make known to the widest possible audience the technology of infrared thermography

You can read the interview directly here