Buildings Thermography

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Complete thermal map of your home

It is possible to have a real time thermal mapping of your home. A very clear map, which allows you to see the state of energy and conservative health of yours building.

Why building thermography ?

 The buildings  thermography  makes a significant contribution to energy saving.

Given the new regulations on thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings,  it is essential to have a non-destructive testing and verification system to be combined as a test with new constructions and the renovation of the existing building, which can verify, the correct resolution of thermal dispersion and the perfect  airtightness of the windows and doors. This requirement is met by infrared thermography combined with blowe door test diagnosis.

Perfect performance of such tests can only be ensured by operators certified to use such equipment and with proven technical experience in the required field.

In order to be impartial, these executions must be carried out externally by those directly responsible for the design or realization.

Our third position places us in a neutral and nonconflict-free position towards the commissioner of thermographic surveys.

Certain performances such as water leakage research, infiltration, detachments, diagnosis of cultural heritage are particularly complex and pose restrictive operating limits, so they may require additional analysis tools in order to understand the right nature of the damage.

In this sense, it is possible to evaluate a property by thermography prior to purchase, provided that the property can be inspected and heated.

termografia perizie certificate

Technical inspection reports

The highest level for certified thermography.

The thermographic study R. E. A. through the use of thermographic equipment offers objective evidence of the factual status of the structure under investigation.

In legal disputes, therefore, it is difficult to contest a fact that can be easily contested, which often makes it possible to arrive at an arrangement agreement before reaching the final judgment.
The thermographic investigation to support  counsel, often allows to acquire new elements of investigation previously ignored, thus assuring a greater quantity of correct data and evidence for litigation.

The thermographic tests carried out by us ensure a totally super partes technical report without conflicts of interest.
All the expert reports are generally countersigned and carried out exclusively by the highest level of personnel accredited at III° level according to UNI EN ISO 9712 standards

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Are condensation molds and thermal leak a problem?

More and more houses also newly built or recently renovated houses, must have been created a thermal insulating coat inside or outside are subject to the formation of apparently inexplicable molds.

Usually these moulds are caused by excessive humidity in the environment, possible thermal bridges or improperly made insulation and coats.

Thermographic analysis of the environment is able to identify the possible future formation of mold and in cases where it is already present to understand its origins, thus avoiding unnecessary attempts at painting and soft remedies absolutely ineffective.

Thanks to the non-invasive nature of thermography, this type of analysis can be carried out quickly without altering the habits of those who live in the apartment.

blower door test verifica serramenti

Blower door test

Diagnosis and thermographic consultancy on window frames

The market offers multiple solutions for windows and doors, but it is often difficult to find the way in a market where a product is to be evaluated through the reading of specific technical data sheets and reference standards, so it is easy to be confused in the face of confused commercial offers for which no specific technical explanation is provided, which often leads to unjustified or technically incorrect choices that are disastrous within a few years.

Thanks to KlimahHause's training and specific training on windows and door frames and their installation, we are able to provide advice and evaluations both on their choice and on their installation, providing accurate thermographic documentation following a specific inspection carried out through the use of the Blower Door Test.

The installation of windows and doors is often neglected, which leads to a reduction in the performance of windows and doors up to 30 %, this result is disastrous given the cost of replacing them.

Our intervention allows us to verify the accuracy of the installation system adopted and the conformity of the window and door frame according to the latest standards.

umidità di risalita capillare

Diagnosis of rising humidity

The rising humidity is a common problem in many buildings, both historic and residential.
The action of humidity is extremely degrading for plasters and masonry, often the problem is so extensive and accidentally large that it affects the habitability of the areas affected.

Thanks to thermography, all these areas are easy to check and monitor even in cases where humidity is hidden by renovation plasters that still have to be detached and here no visible or identifiable if not with destructive interventions.

The new T600 microwave hygrometer allows us to analyze masonry throughout its entire thickness and obtain data on the moisture content without damaging the analyzed surface in any way.

 Thanks to the collaboration with specialized companies, we are able to provide you with analyses and effective solutions for the drainage of masonry and the restoration of the environments affected by rising humidity

servizi per amministratori condominiali

Property management services

If you are an administrator, please contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.
The service is provided in support of condominium administration activities and is designed to meet the maintenance needs of buildings.
The material on digital support can be used at the condominium assembly to give condominiums an objective view of the problems encountered and to motivate maintenance interventions on systems and building envelope, to which is integrated the search for losses of impainti thermal sanitary hydroelectric impainti with additional dedicated instrumentation.
More and more condominium administrations are demanding our services for loss and infiltration research.

termografia ponti termici

Energy consulting

Thanks to our specific training through klimaHause, ANIT, EcoAbita, AlpiFenster, we advise on the design, implementation and diagnosis of highly insulated buildings.
The thermography is used to evaluate the outcome of renovations with thermal overcoat and the correct execution of the latter.
The new law that imposes the application of energy performance on real estate announcements can cause considerable confusion in the buyer, we offer our advice to those who want to evaluate the energy class and thermal insulation solutions adopted on a property in the proposed purchase, we can in addition verify a thermographic analysis of the effective effectiveness of thermal insulation and areas of possible mold formation in correspondence with structural thermal dispersion.

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