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Verify dispersion, improve the energy class of your home

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Watch the details that make the difference, thanks to our high-resolution instrumentation and specific software, able to process the images in an advanced way, we can make visible defects in laying in coats and details of poorly executed elements.
The return of photos on a detailed and simple report will make it possible to orient the correction interventions only where needed.

Thermographic analysis is always recommended before thermal overcoats are made and after their installation to verify the correct execution and correction of thermal bridges.

In these analyses, the quality of the thermal camera is an untenable datum, it is always good to use high definition instrumentation and high thematic sensitivity, to grasp every detail, for this reason we use only Flir thermal cameras with 640 x 480 detector.

Bad installation or defective windows

blower door test, termografia

The recently introduced UNI 10818:2015 and UNI 11673-1:2017 standards protect the end user from the installation or faulty design of the window hole. If you have recently replaced the windows or you are in a new house just built, and you notice defects in the windows and doors such as scratches, noise, presence of mold on the perimeter, etc.... you can check the airtightness of the window frames and their correct installation through the system of the blowee door test and thermography.

The Blower door test and thermography provide objective evidence of poor installation or faults in window frames. With this test, it is possible to find out whether the purchased product, once it has been installed, complies with or differs from the characteristics advertised by the manufacturer.