Mold and condensation ?

The winter arrives and the house is filled with mould

You have already tried all the solutions on the market, you have asked family and friends for advice, but the problem always comes back.

So every year as soon as autumn begins to feel an unpleasant sensation of humid cold at home, after a short time entering the house you perceive a stale smell in the air, a few weeks later the first stains of mold appear, little by little with winter multiply and make the house unhealthy and unsanitary. Bleach and other remedies do not seem to have effect, and yet always open in the morning, keep the windows wide open even an hour but nothing, mold and cold are always there, it is frustrating.

If you recognize your problem by reading these lines, you need help.

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Thermal dispersion

Thermal dispersion  are limited areas of the envelope that have a higher thermal flow than adjacent areas, can be of a geometric or structural nature. Because of their nature, Heat bridges are heat dispersions and areas where in winter they tend to form mold and condensation due to their lower temperature. All houses have more or less noticeable thermal bridges, but on their own they are not enough to have mold in the house.

The thermographic mapping of the house performed externally and internally can easily detect their distribution. This is the first diagnostic step to solve the problems connected to them, such as mould and condensation, but also to verify how thermal insulation has been realized if it is present and to control the thermal dispersion of your home.

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The enemy N°1 of all the houses, there is a boundless variety of them, their spores are always present in the air, mold is not only unpleasant but is an authentic pathogen that damages the health of those who breathe it, beyond certain concentration limits the house becomes hygienically uninhabitable. To fight this enemy you have to know it well, especially because we can be its cause ourselves, the mold does not grow randomly on the walls of the houses, takes root and multiplies if it finds the climatic conditions favourable to her. But if we provide you with these conditions?

The solution starts with a comprehensive analysis of the home, please contact our consulting services to understand and solve your mold problem.

We don't limit ourselves to diagnosis

We do not limit ourselves to diagnosis, we offer you advice for the resolution of your problem, indicating the products suitable for the restoration and sanitisation of the environment. We can support your trusted technician and provide our advice to help you achieve your goal.

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