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Searching for hidden losses on implants

Fault losses can be present in both old and new systems, the loss is often hidden and impossible to locate, the use of appropriate instrumentation can facilitate research by reducing the area of intervention and limiting the tests to locate the loss.


Not all leaks behave in the same way, for their correct identification it is necessary to know exactly the system's past history and the variants realized over the years, the possibility to identify a leak drop drastically when it is in correspondence with other plants at depths of more than 50 cm, the pipe is inserted inside a duct or other pipe, or it is not possible to trace the pipe itself.

The instrumentation used for leak detection usually consists of geophone and tracer gases, all the way to any instrument that uses a noninvasive or non-destructive approach is always subject to external interference and unknown variables.

The search for loss itself is to be considered exclusively as a service provision.


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Things to do before asking for leakage research

Before requesting :



     Consult your trusted plumber

    Check by counter that there is actually a leak

    Ensure that the exact route of the pipes is clear

    Find existing photos and project of the installation if available

    Check whether your insurance cover covers loss finding

    Contact our office by telephone and present the problem, it is possible that an inspection may be necessary before the intervention

The request for leakage search must be made formally or by email to the contact page or through the appropriate form on our site

website  www.cercaperdite-modena.com

Loss research is carried out as a consulting service and assistance from an external company is required for the repair of the damage.


Integrated tracer gas technology

Leakage research is carried out with non-invasive instrumentation, this allows to reduce to a minimum the inconvenience for the client and avoids inappropriate breakage of the flooring and coverings, all along in certain cases it is possible to request a destructive punctual assay in order to discover certain sensitive points.

Integrated system technology uses inert, non-hazardous tracer gas and acoustic instrumentation that can detect and distinguish the frequency generated by loss by isolating it. The infrared camera tracking not only allows real time mapping of the system, but also to evaluate the damage not yet visible caused by water loss.

We can operate the following plants


    Fire-fighting systems

    Water plumbing systems

    Water heating systems

    service pipes


If the system has the following characteristics

Underfloor made of resin resin
the pipes are insulated with continuous insulating sheathing with closed cells
is interposed between layers of impermeable or thermal membranes

The investigation may give negative or inaccurate results as the tracer gas will be retained or diverted from the tracer gas.

In such cases, however, research will be carried out by means of geophone and high-pressure research, with a consequent decrease in the precision of the detection of the precise point of loss.
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Prdite search with thermal camera

In determinated cases it is possible to search for leaks with the camera, this non-invasive technology allows you to map the pipes, locating their precise path, orienting the search for leaks with geophone and in some cases to quickly locate the water loss without breaking and without undertaking research with other methods. However, since it is not a totally effective method, the technician who carries out the inspection uses at the same time other tools to verify the localized loss points.

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