Airborne surveys with Drone

termografia aerea con drone

Drone Thermography

In order to respond to the new market demands, we have decided to take up the technological challenge by offering a high level of surveying service with ENAC certified professional drone.

To best offer this R. E. A. service. srl has chosen as its operating partner NowLanding, a company already included in the Albenga airport, offers a high technical profile of inspections with remote controlled aircraft for important industrial companies, on plants such as petrochemicals, power stations, extraction platforms, ports.

The drone can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras, multispectral sensors, or very high resolution digital cameras.

Discover drone applications

controllo elettrodotti con drone

Control of power lines

Electricity and railway networks, energy plants such as wind farms or photovoltaic expanses, are necessary to detect any malfunctions, saving useful time when planning the intervention and cutting operating costs.

controllo strutturale viadotti con drone

Bridges and structures inspection

The surveys and related inspections of critical infrastructures such as pylons and supporting structures of bridges and viaducts require specific skills and high definition equipment capable of recording the smallest details with absolute precision, for these applications the UAD is essential for its accuracy and adaptability to exposed situations.


termografia aerea impianti fotovoltaici

Photovoltaic plants control

The fixed-wing or rotating wing drone are very convenient for routine inspections of large photovoltaic parks or critical roof systems where for reasons of their extension and difficult access it is impossible to carry out an overground inspection, the drone can probe and identify one or more areas where to concentrate a subsequent inspection on the ground.

rilievi danni con drone

Damage monitoring

Areas that are difficult to access and dangerous for man, such as structures affected by fire or natural disasters, can be explored and observed in detail in complete safety using a remote controlled drone, this application is particularly useful for the estimation of damage to insurance.

drone applicazione industriale monitoraggio

Industrial applications

Services and solutions oriented to knowledge, monitoring and governance of the territory through the use of Remote Pilot Aircraft. Identification Characterisation Qualification and measurement of the territorial elements taken over, with regard to their location, shape, size and characteristics, both typological and qualitative.

controllo impianti raffineria con drone

Off shore platforms and refineries

This type of aerial analysis is a method that allows a complete, rapid and reliable evaluation of the performance of large plants.
Maintaining onshore and offshore facilities in compliance with regulatory standards and requirements is essential to ensure their safety.
Compliance with evolving standards and regulations is increasingly complex but at the same time it is necessary to maintain the license to operate.

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