Electrical panel thermography

termografia impianti elettrici e quadri industriali

Industrial installations thermography

The correct functionality and safety of industrial plants must be ensured by the functionality of electrical and mechanical components, the planning of a predictive maintenance is fundamental where they must be limited to minimum downtime and failures, most of the damage to electrical equipment is caused by overloads and possible short circuits, as well as in mechanical parts wear and tear is the main case of failure and downtime.

The planning of thermographic analysis of electrical systems allows to identify hot spots with reasonable advance notice on the possibility of failure and allows to monitor the plant and functional part of the machinery without the need to stop them.

The use of these methods means preventing where possible problems that determine the correct production processes.

All components of electrical systems subject to degrading actions and stresses may over time present the decay of their construction and functional characteristics due to loosening, oxidation, overload, design deficiency, lack of maintenance, faulty insulation, all phenomena that cause a recurring change in resistance that generates overheating of the component. The planned infrared thermographic inspection service is the only system for preventing faults resulting from such decays.

Switchgear Highlighting of the state of cleanliness and presence of anomalous hot spots that can constitute a possible fault, historical cataloguing of critical points, suggestions for improvements, the intervention is carried out without machine downtime by mapping the electrical power panels, this allows the creation of a report containing critical points.
In addition to thermographic analysis we can provide Motor testing, troubleshooting and leak detection with Ultraprobe system (Ultrasound Airborne)

termografia quadri elettrici

Switchboard thermography

Periodically check your company's switchboards to improve maintenance and reduce the risk of short circuits, if you have a contract with your insurance company you can reduce the insurance premium.

termografia impianti fotovoltaici

Thermography photovoltaic systems

Check the status of photovoltaic panels and cells, check from the ground or from the sky the state of health of your photovoltaic system

termografia cogeneratori e pompe

Cogenerator thermography

Cogenerators analysis, from small plants to large gas turbine cogenerators, it is possible to verify every single part of the plant and monitor the surface limit temperatures.

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