Cogeneration plants Thermography

termografia involucro congeneratore

Modern cogeneration plants require perfectly insulated enclosures to maintain their efficiency, surface temperatures must comply with precise limits.

By checking the enclosure with the camera, it is possible to detect anomalies in the thermal insulation, the fixing points of the outer skin, and unwanted transmissions on the outer casing.

It is possible to map the overall casing and system elements by providing an overview map of the outside temperatures.

Given the particular construction and design differences between the various types of cogeneration units, it is necessary to submit any projects or plans during the planning phase and to agree on an inspection visit with the technician who will be in charge of the thermographic tests.

Tests are carried out by 3rd level technician according to UNI EN ISO 9712 with high definition thermal imaging camera


termografia pipe line

The complete thermographic inspection of the cogeneration unit includes ipsetion of pipelines and heat exchangers.

This inspection is indicated to detect deterioration or defect in pipe line insulation and to check critical points of curves, joints and joints.