Thermography of photovoltaic systems

Termograifa impianti fotovoltaici

Your plant as you have never seen it before

With over 120 MW of systems inspected, our daily work in teams with the best expert and design studies has allowed us to develop an efficient and reliable system of diagnosis of photovoltaic systems, and to be chosen by the major credit institutions as their contact points. We deliver photos in unprecedented quality!

Currently, credit institutions require a thermographic check of the facility to ensure that it functions properly before the financing decision is taken.

We provide a complete package of verification for each type of photovoltaic system

    Thermographic control of all photovoltaic modules
    Thermographic check of string frames
    Thermographic monitoring of inverters
    Thermographic control of electrical distribution boards
    Instrumental control of plant performance
    Photographic documentation of the factual status
    Technical report
    Storage of predictive maintenance thermograms to be repeated at regular intervals
    Technical expertise for credit institutions and litigation
    Instrumental performance tests, PR and curve, on large plants
    Serial code control

Thermographic inspections of photovoltaic systems make it possible to detect malfunctioning cells or panels affected by hot spots or production defects without any contact with the plant itself and without the need to disconnect the system.

This allows the monitoring of each single anomaly and the periodic verification of the plant in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

In case of anomalies found, the third level operator will issue a signed report to be submitted to the installer or panel supplier in order to speed up any replacement under warranty of defective modules. The thermographic inspection is carried out meticulously from the ground or with elevation systems, such as aerial platforms, in case there is the possibility we can carry out the inspection with radio-controlled Drone with thermal camera.
These checks are feasible both on individual small power plants and on photovoltaic parks where it is possible to have access to the panels themselves for close up recovery.

Thanks to our experience in the photovoltaic sector, we have been able to establish how the thermographic control of photovoltaic systems has proved extremely useful in monitoring their yield and faults over time.

Using georeferencing by means of GIS it is possible to reconstruct the entire map of the plant.

These advantages also benefit the installer, who can protect himself in case of dispute for defective panels and systems with a lower yield than designed

The speed of execution allows you to map large plants in maximum safety, in any case our operators are trained and equipped for aerial work.

The inspection may also include the recording of the connectors, inverters and electrical panels of the plant itself to check that they have been correctly installed.

In order to guarantee their efficiency, the photovoltaic panels should be monitored with the thermographic system after every violent weather event or once a year. Thermographic analyses on photovoltaic modules are part of the ordinary maintenance of the system itself, they are carried out with suitable instruments of high range

hot-spot cella fotovoltaica con termografia


The panels of the plants age, now is the time to maintain efficient panels to maximize the yield of the plant, a screening is not enough, a close and accurate analysis is necessary, every single hot-spot loses yield and profit to your plant.

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inverter quadri elettrici


Not panels only, it is essential to also check the status of the inverters and electrical panels in the cabin, it is possible to carry out a thermal mapping of these elements without disconnecting them.

termografia quadri di campo string box

Electrical joint box

the problems are hidden in detail, the connections of the string boxes can cause fires, it is good to combine the control of all field switchboards during the thermographic control of photovoltaic panels

Aerial thermography with Drone

termografia con drone

If the system is difficult to access, is on a roof or is too large to be analyzed from the ground within a reasonable time, after verification opertivity and authorization to fly by ENAC, it is possible to carry out thermographic and photographic surveys from Drone to remote control.

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