Switchboard thermography

termografia quadri elettrici

Fields of application

Thermographic analyses of electrical systems, cabinets, servers and server rooms are carried out by personnel with operator qualification for the non-destructive III° Level tests according to UNI EN ISO 9712 and ASNT standards.
During the thermographic inspection, critical zone data will be acquired and an inspection report will be drawn up with instructions for system maintenance and monitoring.
The thermography on electrical panels and equipment supports normal maintenance
The inspection does not require the production facilities to be shut down

The thermographic inspection ensures a true report on the factual state of the plant 

Thermographic inspections shall be carried out on the following installations

    components and switchboards BT/MT/AT
    transformation cabins
    Server cabins
    photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic parks

The thermographic inspection of these elements can be carried out safely without the need for contact.

The advantage of this technology is that it allows you to quickly detect a fault before it occurs, thus preventing unnecessary repair stops, optimizing maintenance costs and providing greater protection against possible short-circuit and fire damage.
Companies that subject their systems to a periodical thermographic check can take advantage of a discount on the fire policy and reduce the fire risk index.

The thermographic report provided is certified, countersigned and compliant with the regulations for insurance and fire prevention and is valid annually.

termografie per assicurazioni, report termografici certificati

Insurance report

The thermographic survey applied to the industrial sector reduces the risk of fire to electrical equipment by 90 %.
Periodic mapping of electrical systems and switchboards allows discounts on insurance policies.
More and more insurance companies are demanding this type of monitoring and recognizing reductions in the insurance premium against the presentation of a periodic thermographic report of the plants.
The thermographic test carried out is certified and has legal value and is performed by personnel
super partes thus avoiding any possible conflict of interest.

The insurance thermographic report can also be written for small companies that have a few switchboards, our positive experiences have allowed us to develop an economic service suitable for small companies and condominium administrators.

This service is economically advantageous in that it relieves the customer of any burden of purchasing equipment and training for staff.

You can contact us directly for more detailed information on how to execute the project

server room ced termografia

Server room Thermography

The thermographic control of the server rooms and transfer centres represents a new approach to the company's energy efficiency.

These large energy-intensive plants require constant cooling, but often these systems are not very effective and disperse much of their potential due to poorly maintained or poorly constructed construction details that do not include the containment of cold air to external environments, the thermographic controls of server rooms is intended to verify the construction weaknesses solving the problems of energy dispersion and not only to assess the actual distribution of temperatures on the cabinets of data processing centers.

The thermographic inspection therefore allows not only a correct thermal management of the server room, but also an improvement in the state of the hardware, improving its cooling and efficiency.

Substations Thermography

It is possible to request the service of control of the insulators of the substations and control of the power lines with remote controlled Drone. Due to the type of highly specialized inspection, please contact the technical office directly via the forum or by telephone.

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