Industrial Thermography

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Thermographic surveys on industrial installations

Non-destructive PND testing is particularly useful and effective in industrial diagnostics and predictive maintenance. The thermographic monitoring can be used to monitor the presence of thermal anomalies on refractory coatings and to detect the occurrence of possible damage to plants and machinery in good time.

The infrared technique allows the operator to perform the survey in complete safety without any physical contact with the analyzed part. Speed of execution allows the control of large areas, even inaccessible areas, without the need to stop a machine, as is the case with traditional controls.

The measurements are carried out exclusively by 3rd level personnel certified for PND IR thermography method according to UNi EN ISO 9712 standards

The thermography in the industrial field is combined as a support to the normal maintenance service of machinery and equipment, the execution of such tests involve a significant saving avoiding machine downtime for any breakdowns.

Many insurance companies recognise thermographic intervention to reduce fire risk policies

Our experienced personnel with expertise in ceramic furnace surveys, turbogas cogenerators, industrial fireplaces can perform thermographic surveys at altitude.

Thermography can be easily controlled by thermography

    Refractory linings of ceramic ovens
    Refinery furnaces
    Sawmills foundries
    Condensate drainage units
    Refinery pumps and fluid pumps
    Chemical and petrochemical tanks
    Refinery Chimneys
    Cogeneration plants
    Turbo gas generators coating
    Processed production plants
    Storage facilities
    Bearings and electric motors
    Process control
    Testing of production samples

Reactors in the chemical industry are highly insulated to ensure the necessary reaction temperatures. Insulation of tanks as well as fuel and exhaust pipe lines must meet higher requirements and be carefully monitored. Infrared thermography provides a quick, detailed overview of the isolation and tank level losses.

The applications are manifold, any industrial process where heat transmission plays a fundamental role in wear and tear or in obtaining a given process can be monitored and controlled by thermographic investigation


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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is fundamental for the planning of normal industrial maintenance, its constant use significantly reduces the number of failures that lead to downtime with understandable inconvenience and economic losses.

Foundry refractories

In the steel industry, predictive maintenance can be applied by using thermography to assess the state of preservation of the refractory insulation of moulds, slaves, ovens, blast furnaces.

termografia controllo motore elettrico e cuscinetti

Electric motors Thermography

The thermographic control of the electric motors and bearings by thermography combined with the control of vibrational and ultrasound in the air, allowing for large-scale monitoring and addressing vibration control only where there is a real need, reducing intervention times without downtime.

Chimney Thermography

The control of chimney refractories and hot spots on the surface can be easily carried out with thermal imaging cameras from platform or drone, the control allows to check the status of chimney insulators and detect critical surface temperatures.

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Cogenerator Thermography

In cogenerators and furnaces, a critical element is represented by bulkheads giving access to the interior; it is important to control the surface temperatures of these critical points in order to assess the state of insulation.
Thermography provides a quick map of the surface temperatures of bulkheads, walls and doors.

Steam Trap

Infrared thermography can be used to check whether the Steam Trap valves are in the open or closed position. This is a relatively simple control, which makes it possible to control the efficiency of steam traps.

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