Chimney thermography

termografia camini termografia industriale

The control of chimnery refractories and hot spots on the surface can be easily carried out with thermal imaging cameras from platform or drone, the control allows to check the status of fireplaces insulators and detect critical surface temperatures.
Thermographic surveys may show insufficient insulation and deterioration of refractories
the assessment of the condition of the coating of furnaces and chimneys is very important, there is a clear link between surface temperatures and the state of degradation of refractories, coatings and insulators, hot spots or hot spots indicate greater wear or an existing problem.

Early detection with thermal imaging cameras can reduce damage to these structures by preventing increased wear and tear.
The thermal imaging of the chimneys and ducts by means of a thermal imaging camera can also identify the mass storage inside the chimneys and ducts, which interfere with normal flue gas flows.