Bearing pump motors

temrografia macchine rotanti e cuscinetti

Applications that can be integrated into condition monitoring and vibration analysis

Manufacturing machinery and electromechanical equipment.
Check overtemperature of mechanical and electromechanical equipment, bearings, rotors, belts, and all components subject to friction wear.
Machinery Presidium and analysis of vulnerable points or those subject to rapid wear and tear, evaluation of thermal aspects of parts subject to excessive wear and tear, evaluation of possible improvements or monitoring interventions, reporting and historical storage of images.

Product verification Creation of a customised on-site workstation to control the thermal processes inherent in the production of a given product, this makes it possible to capture images in real time and verify possible thermal defects that affect the quality of the product itself.

The thermographic inspections will be carried out by a technician certified to level 3 of UNI EN 473 - ISO 9712 for the infrared thermography method.

In addition to thermographic analysis we can provide Motor testing, troubleshooting and leak detection with Ultraprobe system (Airborne ultrasound)


termografia & motor testing

Thermographic diagnosis can be performed in all industrial processes where excess heat is present directly involved in increased wear and tear on machinery and its early breakage.
Using our latest generation equipment, it is possible to generate videos of radiometric analysis and observe the components in working phase filming their thermal behaviour.
 The benefits of predictive maintenance can be found in increased production efficiency and cost reduction.

The thermographic analysis of the electric motors of actuators or pumps offers the advantage of a quick control in series on more functioning devices as it is usually found in a pump room, the thermographic control on electric motors can be combined with motor testing and vibration control.

In electric motors where transmission shafts are present, the thermographic control allows to identify thermal anomalies due to problems of alignment or deterioration of the bearings, this allows to quickly address further analysis on anomalous components and to carry out a realignment of the shafts or maintenance to the bearings.