360° VR Photographic surveys

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Virtual reality and 360° splendor of environments

No longer just simple photos, but an interactive 360° experience, the spherical photography of environments allows you to capture the totality of the set of details, allowing the real overall view at the time of the survey of the entire environment and its elements.

The panoramic photography already used for tourism promotion has evolved to become spherical photography, which allows you to explore the environment freely on all axes of movement.

Individual spherical photos can be linked together and georeferenced to create the same effect that Google Street View can have in indoor environments.

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Our operator is Google's Local Guide and accredited Google Street View

Spherical photography meets the relevant requirements in insurance, banking and technical expertise, it is useful for diagnosing structural damage to environments, inventories and technical documentation of complex industrial plants.

Spherical photos can be viewed via VR viewers, on mobile devices or directly on a PC.

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Not only large environments but also confined places

From great environments to the details of confined places, where the single photo is insignificant, the spherical vision system allows a complete exploration.

Our spherical system without moving elements can be viewed remotely via WiFi connection and allows 360° real-time viewing of small, hard-to-reach environments such as cavities, wells and chambers.

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