Training courses

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Training with us

We offer not only services but also training courses certified according to ISO 9712 TT method.

The accredited Bureau Veritas courses are held at different locations in Italy according to the schedule below, which is constantly updated.
In addition to the courses at the indicated locations, it is possible to organize certified and non-certified courses sessions with support in the field directly at the customer's premises upon request.

All courses are held by 3rd level teacher for the TT method accredited at Bureau Veritas

Our courses have a strong practical technical character, we don't limit ourselves to pure theory but in addition to transferring our Know-How we have created special simulators for practical tests of thermography.

Certified 1st and 2nd level thermography courses

Next dates certified thermography courses

The inscriptions are open for the course of thermography level 1 and 2 UNI EN ISO 9712, which will be held:.


    in Rome from 18 to 22 September at the training centre Saperessere - Ostiense ring road, 80 - Rome - near Garbatella stop
    in Milan from 9 to 13 October at Bureau Veritas - Via Miramare, 15 - Milan - Viale Monza area
    in Bari from 20 to 24 November in via Ottavio Serena, 18 - Bari
    in Padua from 27 November to 1 December at Bureau Veritas - via Medoaco, 4 - Padua - near Padova Ovest tollbooth


Practical or theoretical course at the customer on request.




You can follow the first two days of your course in one session and continue with the other three days in a subsequent session. The cost of the course will be split.

25 CFP are awarded to the experts and 15 CFP to the architects

The course is a full immersion course with hours 9-13,14-18.
Those who do not own a thermal imaging camera will be provided with one for the duration of the lessons of the course, and will also be able to purchase one from our affiliated companies throughout Italy.
The course is held by a third level certified teacher according to UNI EN ISO 9712


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Practical course in thermography

The course is addressed to all professionals with a technical diploma, who wish to enter the 2nd level UNI EN ISO 9712 of thermography, or who have never worked in the field and want to acquire a practical theoretical practical experience.


The course is aimed at a better understanding of the basic aspects of thermography, in order to better prepare the candidate for the 2nd level course, giving him/her a complete and useful knowledge.


All the elements will be provided to work correctly in the field, for this purpose the theoretical part will be devoted more time to practical exercises on specially made equipment, reproducing real cases of applications in construction, electrical systems, machinery.

The teaching of the course is internal and staffed by III°, so there is no minimum number of participants, the courses are organized monthly.

We have 2 thermal cameras to give to the students, all the way is required to the students to bring their own thermal camera and PC

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Customers Consulting

For companies that want to autonomously implement thermography for their maintenance needs or in their own processes it is possible to avail themselves of our consulting and training of employees directly at their headquarters, we do not sell thermal imaging cameras are therefore free of brands and ties, we help the customer in choosing the best solutions.

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Teaching courses and exams

My name is Claudio Longagnani III° Level TT I will be your teacher or examiner at the thermography courses organized by me and my partners, I will be happy to transmit my know-how, visit my profile Linkedin to know more about me.